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  Kitty Hawk   A Soldier's Tale   The Invisible Man
  The Death and Life of Jesse James        (adapt. Stravinsky, w. Paul Magid)        (adapt. H.G. Wells)
  Kid Twist   Tallahassee   A Country Doctor
  Grand American Exhibition        (w. Mac Wellman)        (adapt. Kafka)
  Mission   Poor Folk's Pleasure   American Notes
  Five of Us   Ramona   Kraken
  Gogol: A Mystery Play        (adapt. Beverly Cleary)   Like I Say
  Candide or Optimism   Careless Love   The Dream Express, Set 2
       (adapt. Voltaire)   The Dream Express, Set 1        (music by John Kilgore)
  Limbo Tales        (music by John Kilgore)   Plan B
  Dark Ride   The Birds        (w. Big Dance Theater)
  My Uncle Sam        Adapt. Aristophanes   Margo Veil,
  New Jerusalem   Pilgrims of the Night       an entertainment
          Port Twilight
            or The History of Science
  N Judah        
  New Jerusalem        
  The Secret Life of Billie's Uncle Myron    
       (w. Emily Jenkins)        
  Len Jenkin's biography.