N Judah - a San Francisco woman hears of the death of her very special son, and travels with an old lover to pre-Katrina New Orleans, where she is lost in a maze of deception and half-truths that erupt into violence.     The Secret Life of Billie's Uncle Myron (with Emily Jenkins) - A girl and her little brother ride a Cadillac to a land where crows talk, motels fly and an evil leader named Kingfish plies his victims with vats of pudding. (Children's)  
    New Jerusalem - A newspaper reporter, assigned to cover the closing of an international penal colony 'New Jerusalem', unveils a dystopia where the prisoners have turned the prison into a theme park.          
    Plays by Len Jenkin -  three full-length plays: A COUNTRY DOCTOR, LIKE I SAY, PILGRIMS OF THE NIGHT     Dark Ride & Other Plays -  includes DARK RIDE, LIMBO TALES, MY UNCLE SAM, AMERICAN NOTES, and POOR FOLK'S PLEASURE.  
    Poor Folk's Pleasure - A roller-coaster ride through the American scene, from the Fascination
Parlor to Leroy Smiles the Crab-boy, and from the movie set to the
tattoo parlor to Frankie the Finn. A concert for actors.
    Careless Love - a fast and furious medley of songs, croons and schemes, interwoven with an international car chase and the search for love and meaning in this terrifyingly zany moment in civilization.  
    Dark Ride - A scholar, a thief, a philosopher and a dream-like waitress meet at an oculists convention in Mexico City.  A journey that transcends the physical world to explore the inner recesses of the mind.     American Notes - The stories of a fearful motel night clerk, a raucous carnival barker, two singing barflies, a dim-witted handy-man, a deranged scientist and an abandoned woman, all linked by a mysterious drifter.  
    My Uncle Sam -  Uncle Sam was a hero to his nephew, who seeks to discover his uncle's story. His quest involves a seductive nightclub singer who promises to marry him if he can locate his ne'er-do-well brother.     Five of Us - When Mark, a young writer, finds out his live-in girlfriend Lee is leaving for Sri Lanka, he robs an eccentric neighbor's apartment with an ex-con buddy, and discovers the detritus of a stunted life.  
    Limbo Tales - A theatrical exploration and illumination of the disjointed states of mind of two men who have been physically and spiritually divorced from reality.     The Invisible Man (adapt. H.G Wells) - In an updated version, a family running a quiet motel confronts a mysterious scientist who has found the secret of becoming invisible.   (Children's)  
    Ramona Quimby (adzpt. Beverly Cleary) - Unpredictable, exasperating, independent: Ramona Quimby. Always aggravating her older sister, getting into trouble and "making a big, noisy fuss" when things don't go her way.   (Children's)