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Kitty Hawk

A Soldier's Tale

The Invisible Man


The Death and Life of Jesse James


     (adapt. Stravinsky, w. Paul Magid)


     (adapt. H.G. Wells)


Kid Twist


A Country Doctor


Grand American Exhibition


     (w. Mac Wellman)


     (adapt. Franz Kafka)



Poor Folk's Pleasure

American Notes


Five of Us

Ramona Quimby



Gogol: A Mystery Play


     (adapt. Beverly Cleary)

Like I Say


Candide or Optimism

Careless Love

The Dream Express, Set 2



     (adapt. Voltaire)

The Dream Express, Set 1

Plan B


Limbo Tales


     (music by John Kilgore)


    (with Big Dance Theatre)


Dark Ride

The Birds

Margo Veil,


My Uncle Sam


     (adapt. Aristophanes)

      an entertainment


New Jerusalem

Pilgrims of the Night

Port Twilight,


   or The History of Science


Abraham Zobell's Home Movie, Final Reel